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According to Wikipedia a mumpreneur is a female business owner, who is actively balancing the role of mother and entrepreneur.

It seems being a  mumpreneur is a relatively new movement within the enterpreneurship. Obviously it is the business savy mothers looking into alternatives of supporting the family financially yet being at home. Many parents seeking alternative opportunities oppossed to handing the baby into childcare in order to  return to previous job after maternity leave. 

Toss an auto-immune disease and being temporarily single parent in a foreign country into the mix and I can guarantee you I have plenty of experience and tricks up my sleeve on how to beat:

-Hormonal imbalances


-Adrenal fatigue& burn out
-Children nutrition and picky eaters
-The identity crisis of finding yourself after the happily ever after of being married and having kids

-business development and accerleration

-Personal development

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