The gut brain axis that keeps us sane in quarantine

Updated: Apr 25

Those past few weeks surely have been like an emotional rollercoaster, as we are experiencing different stages of quarantine. We are trying to put on a brave face. However, staying positive doesn’t mean we have to be happy all the time. Happiness means to know that even though it is currently hard, better times are to come. But for many of us there is no light at the end of the tunnel just yet.

Therefore, let’s explore the gut brain axis that can keep us sane in quarantine.

Our gut suffers greatly under the current circumstances. We are constantly stressed by information overload and dealing with social distancing. When we are stressed the first impulse we have is craving comfort food, which impacts our gut function.

If our gut doesn’t do its job this is when we suffer from anxiety and depressions. They can be symptoms of a gut dysbiosis.

We have all heard of the sayings: -I have butterflies in my stomach -Love goes through the stomach -Follow your gut These old sayings relate to the gut- brain- connection.

It is our gut communicating via the vagus nerve with our brain. But it doesn’t stop on the neurological level. Equally important is the food that we eat. With each meal we can decide to fight a disease or to feed one.

Our gut only has 2 settings: 1) rest & digest, regulated by parasympathetic nervous system 2) fight or flight, regulated by response sympathetic nervous system

Our meals and their nutrients are influencing our cell growth, overall wellbeing and our hormones, especially our happiness hormone serotonin.

Did you know that 70% of serotonin is produced in our gut? You can’t expect to feel like a million dollar if you eat of the 1 dollar menu in a fast food shop.

How to boost serotonin?

We would like to adopt an anti-inflammatory, alkaline forming food regime that furthers gut health. Here are the guidelines in a nutshell

Do’s: -Natural and fresh sources of magnesium, antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin B- complex via: -Green leafy greens

-Cruciferous vegetable -eat colours of the rainbow in forms of fruit & vegetables

-Nuts & seeds to cover healthy fats and Omega 3 acids on plant based

-Beans & legumes for sufficient fiber

-Wild caught fish

-Gras-fed, pasture raised beef

-Healthy fats (omega 3s, olive oil, avocado

-Bone broth

-Focus on amino acids over protein

-Sleep within your circadian rhythm and work with the body

-Adequate save sun exposure, if necessary supplement with vitamin D

-Aloe Vera and lemon juice to adjust hydrochloric acid in stomach


-Prebiotic and fermented food

-Drink more water

-Adopt a positive mindset with the help of exercising gratitude

- Exercise regularly

-Cleanse your body and colon twice a year


-Refined sugar and subcategories such as syrups

-GMO -Processed food



-Transfats or hydrogenated oil

- Stress

-Junk food




This is how to stay sane in quarantine in a nutshell.

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