I suppose we all know it, either from our own childhood or our kids, nephews, grandchildren etc.

It comes is different shapes, forms and textures.

It is that one thing they can not go to sleep without.

That one comforter forming a part of the daily routine and gives a sense of security. At times it is a blanket, for others it’s a cuddly toy in form of a Teddy.

In our case it comes in a shape of a beanie style TY Penguin, named PingPing. What else would you name a Penguin.

The love PingPing receives is unmatched and so it the weird form of Eskimo kisses he receives. Beak to mouth...

Alternatively we refer to PingPing as the bird, which merely indicates we have no clue of its current whereabouts and we don’t want to alert the kids. But generally speaking he is always there.

Well, until that very moment , each parent dreads the most… that one moment when it’s gone.

Worst case scenario it is lost forever. But not without a desperate parent acting like a fully equipped SWAT/Search Block Team. Collecting Intel of its recent whereabouts and retracing each step of the day. A latest parents training program is called: Think like a toddler.

If you were 2 years old where would you hide your favorite toy?

-In the fridge next to the joghurt as one needed the arms free to sneak a snack away?!

- In the pantry hidden behind the canned goods trying to reach the breakfast cereals?!

-In the pushcar’s trunk? If I go for a ride so does the toy?!

- Ever tried to play hide and seek? Out of sight…if the toys get stuffed into a ice cooler box and the box get stored away. Try to find it now.

- Imagine how long it takes, if it has been carelessly squeezed into the memory game box only to see if it fits. And there is literally no memory of having played that game today.

PingPing has been with us for years. Originally a gift from my husband to me. My hubby forgot something and I threatened flowers wouldn’t cut it, and he brought PingPing.

Seriously, who can be angry at sight of a Penguin?!

Our oldest chose him in his early years, but never settled for a specific cuddle toy, at times it is a teddy or a variety of koalas bears or the latest car. But our youngest one formed that special bond with the bird. It is inarguably his PingPing. However Mama has just as much work with it. Keep it clean, keep track of his whereabouts, and he certainly eats with us and is just as much as of a fuzzy eater as the rest of them.

These days he is a bit deflated. All that spa washing machine treatment is short lived in an effort the keep him shiny. However the countdown of the laundry machine’s wash cycle has proven itself as an excellent tool to teach kids numbers and basic principles of mathematics. Or try to count the rounds the bird does while spinning…

As PingPing gets carried around all day, it is amazing to observe what a child can do with just one arm. PingPing remains firmly tugged under the elbows sticking his head out to see every move.

In fact we are now witnessing the early stages of a natural influencer. As PingPing goes to nursery on a day to day base all kids in class have their very own bird by now. Of course it is not the same but as close of an imitation as stressed parents could get. You know PingPing is a collectible. We wanted to follow an advice of a friend and get a second bird, just in case we lose No1. But while we bought the original for under $10, these days its $100. Collectible. I tried to sneak it away and sell on Ebay, but my attempt of randsoming the bird was quickly detected, and punished. Bad Mama.

And to all the parents that have spent insane amounts of time searching for that one thing… cursing and wishing for a toy finder device or app that would help us saving on time and our nerves. I feel for you. If I had a penny for every minute in my life I spent searching for PingPing, well you know it...

And so he comes along and we are excited for many adventures to come. Together. follow #PingPings adventure @journeyboons on instagram for more news

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