My top 10 empowering tips for Mumpreneurs

I have often been asked how to do you do it all…

Being a mumpreneur in a foreign country with  2 small kids, a dog, house, garden, temporary single parent with a husband working abroad for several months … yes as most parents I have a lot on my plate.

Between  family, my actual work, being a mum, wife, dog owner, chauffeur, chef for very picky eater, household manager, head of family, food supply chain & distributor a day never seems to have enough hours.

I am German so no surprise my top tip is get organized.

1) PLAN: I plan my year, month, week and day.Plan, act on it, re-evalue, adjust, go on.. I block tasks and I leave ample space, that is what Carribean time has told me.  I calculate plenty of space for traffic jams, but while stuck in traffic I utilize the time to listen to audiobooks or podcasts . I always carry my super old kindle along in case I have a few extra minutes, opposed on scrolling through social media.  It also leaves leverage for last minute things that just keep popping up but without turning into a stress trap to get too stressful or to have leverage to squeeze things in last minute.

2) EARLY START:  In Germany we say “Morgenstund hat Gold im Mund” (or the story about the early bird that catches the worm). Get up before kids to have your cup of coffee, meditation, yoga stretch, breakfast. My mantra: Either you run the day or it runs you (over).

3) GOALS how do you know if you are on track if you don’t know where you going. Set SMART (Specific Measureable Achievable Realistic Timely) in regards to family, business and personal goals as well as short, mid and longterm.

4)  WHYPOWER. Remind yourself why did you start the business in the first place what is it that drives you to run your business. Your whypower fuels your motivation. You must be so passionate about it that you are excited to start your day loooong before everyone else.

5) DISCIPLINE & boundaries. Create a routine, block hours and stick to it in a consistent manner


6) FREQUENCY  success is the sum of small little effort every single day. It is better to work consistently a few hours a day that only once a week.  Learn about the compound effect.

7) COMMUNICATION is most essential with just about everyone cant never be enough  with your partner, family and your clients. Communicate your goals, your wishes, your problems.

8) HELP! Learn to ask for help and accept help if offered. Being successful doesn’t not mean you have to run yourself into the grounds. Help is not a sign of weakness and you are not a bad mum or housewife if you delegate tasks or get occasionally a babysitter.

9) Have a work space, ideally a room with a door. Door shut means business! You need a space where your brain switches into beastmode. The entire family will have to learn to respect that. Yes you are physically home but simply not available. Most difficult lesson for everyone involved.My kids like to work alongside with me, they have their own office tools like a white board and pencils so they just happily copy me for a while. But I am rarely creative if I have to watch the kids not repainting the entire office space while I am on the phone.

10) Don’t multitask. Give each task its undivided attention. Same for family. Be present.

Last but not least: You are working from home to work around your family. Remember that it’s a blessing not a curse. The freedom to escape the mum guilt still requires sweat, tears and a complete different level of discipline opposed to going to the office. You surely chose the harder way, stick it out! Remember your Why-power!

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