My postnatal weightloss journey

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

I was never a sportive person and it was just before our wedding, that I went to the gym with a friend and she introduced me to her personal trainer, Gary. With Bridezilla in full swing and a dream wedding dress to fit into, I took on that challenge.

 Who doesn’t want to look their best on the wedding picture?

Just so that in about 10 years from now, we can laugh about the style worn in 2012.

The effort was swiftly rewarded, within 6 weeks my wedding dressed had to be taken in opposed to be extended with a corsage.  I kept training a further 6 weeks past the wedding until a permanent morning sickness and moving into another country set my new found enthusiasm to a rare end.

Fast forward past 2 pregnancies and more than 40kg excess weight …

How often did I say:” I wish I could train with Gary”.

Be careful what you wish for… the universe takes orders, not just for Christmas.

It came to an unexpected move back to Panama, which brought us close into Gary’s work out zone. I did train. I did train my arse off, literally.

And let me give you a tip: Prepaying expensive personal trainers is the best bet on actually getting work outs done, consistently. I saw the $$$ passing while doing my push ups and cardio.

The first kilos went down quickly. My strength and condition went up in record time, muscles do remember, while my brain disappeared in a permanent fog.

 But then, I hit the wall.

No more weightloss despite meal plan and a strictly follow exercise regime, for months. I had it, people kept asking me if I was pregnant, again.

Little did I know and understand then, that my body was somewhat out of whack it refused cooperation.

Looking back I can probably name a few of symptoms and health issues preventing my  weightloss at that time:

- My allergy suffering baby had driven me due to his night terrors into insomnia. I never knew when he would wake, or for how long, if he would scream for hours or if he would settle quickly. How long would I sleep if I would ever manage to fall asleep?! -Being abroad with no family and little help haddriven me into permanent exhaustions. A toddler next to a newborn caused emotional fatigue, how often does Mami fit into a day?! - While others enjoyed having a baby and were just doing that, I left hospital on day 2 after my c- section, walking upright, prepping birthday parties, family visits and a move into another country including stopovers along the way. - My marriage was almost into ruins. I was thinking if I could look good again, like at the wedding  (not my husbands words), all would be good again. I would find my self- esteem back, if only I could feel comfortable in my own skin again. I was certainly none for a pregnancy glow. Nor did that weight make me feel good about myself.  -I did  run myself into adrenal fatigue.  Constantly too little sleep and rest, constantly on the move and on the run. - Despite best efforts I did suffer from protein deficiency. Just to often would I have a quick fix meal alias a bowl of pasta. -  I was battling chronic fatigue, where the doctors answer was Xanax and Prozac for 30 days, willingly driving me into an addiction. I was shocked a doctor would do that without as little as an explanation. I said: No thanks, not for me, handing back the meds. My trust in doctors, probably lost forever since this moment forth.

Listed above are merely symptoms that follow in a typically  underdiagnosed category of hypothyroidism caused by being protein deficient and sleep deprived, which then turned from adrenal fatigue into a chronic one manifested into insomnia.  I can only strongly recommend start educating yourselves!

I did my research. There is an abundance of natural remedies, and a prescribed lifestyle change. I have it under control, most days. What has been destroyed over years can not be healed over night.

Not until a friends posted this:

10 signs you should do a body cleanse

1) Low energy

2) Brain fog

3) Allergies

4) Difficulty loosing weight

5) Constipation

6) Depression

7) Difficulty sleeping

8) Reduced libido

9) Indigestion & bloating

10) Frequent headaches

I ticked off 10 out of 10.

I jumped right into it, a body cleanse, 9 days. I did go through hell, if a body is that out of sync and strongly clinging to sugar and caffein a detox is no walk in a park. While the kilos seemed to creep down slowly the centimeters around that stomach melted like butter in a hot pan. Within 9 days the fat percentage shrank faster than within 3 months of gym training. I simply needed to reset my body and deep cleanse, literally. That body fat kept melting ever since. I do fit into my best weight ever pants, never did I think that is possible.  I love being fit enough to jog easily alongside my kids riding a bicycle.

My  transformation is sponsored by nature namely Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller. This amazing plant has put my life upside down and back together. Having made such a life changing experience I did join as a distributor sharing my story to others. As I know there are many people out there looking.

It isn’t easy to change habits but worth it.

Here I am today Empowered by Aloe Vera.

P.S. : I am not a doctor, nutrionist or pharmacist, this article reflects my personal opinion and experience

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