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My story


With a degree in hospitality and tourism it was reasonably easy to find a job throughout the past 12 years and 6 countries we lived in. To me it’s a matter of willingness, compromise and adaption, but with our family planning in full swing changes were inevitable.

I went from being independent to being fully dependent on my husband.

 Look at an expats wife’s visa, you are literally stamped as dependent person. This is Mario’s wife.
Came the kids and I was typically identified as Luis’s mum.

But who am I now?


I feel for those mums that have to head back into work all too soon after giving birth. That’s the time the little ones grow and learn the fastest and the fear of missing out paired with the guilt of having to work never settles in a mother.
On the contrary as much as I love being a stay at home mum, I am bored, unchallenged and absolutely tired of having conversations all day long at kid level. Mummy wants her brains back!

Struck by health issues it was that a business idea found me. My husband and I had been on the hunt for some business ideas but never were sure how to pull it off.

Then came my current business along and it still feels like a Lotto ticket ready to cash in. 
The products had helped me with my health issues and all I wanted was to tell the world  about it.
My friends noticed  the change in me.
Not to exaggerate, for every 2 steps we typically make 1 backwards and there were things that needed to be learned. 
Having a business is like a big puzzle, you have to look at the big picture and put the pieces together, one by one.

This amazing plant that has put my life upside down and back together. A business idea that has given me a purpose in life of helping others in so many different ways. And not a day went by where I wasn’t challenged or had to learn something new. My line of work has a massive positive impact onto my private life. I have the luxury to work around my family and still be a stay at home yet working mum.

Here it is today Empowered by Aloe Vera.



Interested in how to start & develop your own business?

Stories empowered by Aloe Vera

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